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Loving You: A Journey Through Forever


“Loving you: A Journey Through Forever “is a journal between Naomi and her ten year old daughter Abby. Naomi gives the journal to Abby as a gift in which she hopes to share family history, recount precious memories, and build a stronger relationship with her youngest daughter. Not long after Naomi and Abby begin writing in the journal, Naomi shows symptoms of an illness. Abby and her two older siblings, Hannah and Josh, are distraught to find the illness is cancer.  
Despite the hardships the family is facing, life must go on. Abby and David must still go to school, Hannah is newly engaged and planning her wedding, and their dad must continue working at his dental practice, but all with new roles and responsibilities. Abby and David must come together with happy hearts to perform household chores that they didn’t have to do before and Hannah steps up to help take care of her siblings while their father works or attends to their mother. And their father learns that he needs to learn to cook or order take-out.  
This journal walks with Naomi through chemotherapy, hair loss, disappointing test results and yet through it all, there is a faith that is unshakeable that enables Abby to grow, mature, love, smile and draw closer to an ever present, all knowing God.