Turtle Shell Publishing Online Publishing & Bookstore

Welcome to Faith by Grace Publishing Services. 

For full book material that is accepted there will be a standard contract issued before publishing. A fee of $500 will be paid for services that include ISBN, Cover, Editing and Formatting. There is also a $50 charge for materials that are not copyrighted by author before publication. (Proof of copyright must be obtained in order to have this fee waived.) We offer standard marketing with this service that includes your book on Amazon and Turtle Shell Publishing. Once you sell 50 copies (this does not include books purchased by author) we will submit the book for consideration to be carried by Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million. (This does not guarantee they will accept to carry the book in stores.) Authors will be required to pay for proof copies to review as well as be obligated to purchase a minimum of 10 copies at an author discount on the first run of the book.

For all anthology Submissions you will receive a free copy and will be able to buy copies at an author discount. There will be no royalties paid out for stories in anthologies. (This includes Poem anthologies.)

All covers created by Turtle Shell Publishing remains copyrighted by us. You can only use these images to promote your book as long as it is under contract. Once under Contract you can not use your material elsewhere. Turtle Shell Publishing will hold the copyright to your work for the duration of the contract.