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Here we will post the letters sent to us from our clients about their experiences with Faith by Grace Publishing. We strive to give our clients the best treatment possible and hope everyone we work with has a great experience through the whole publishing process.

Letter from Justine Hemmestad author of Truth be Told.

"My personal experience with Faith by Grace Publishing could not have been more favorable. I had been scammed in the publishing world before, as well as made to feel small and untalented due to sexism. I knew after those bad experiences that when I was ready to try to have my books published, I would want a small publisher, run by a woman who would be personable with me. I feel so blessed to have found exactly what I was hoping for in Faith by Grace Publishing and Ashlea Ingram. Even through the editing process, I felt supported by her, which is a wonderful feeling for a writer. Everything about the publishing process with Faith by Grace was friendly, kind, and thoughtful, while at the same time professional and sustaining. I did my research before submitting my writing to Faith by Grace and I would wholeheartedly recommend this publisher to any writer hoping to get their book published in a fair and professional way."